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The title may not be what it seems but if you continue reading after realizing that this blog is not about the cute imagery of well-behaved siblings portraying a good nature of sharing a snack, maybe a seat or who knows, let’s go crazy here, an ice-cream. Well, I don’t know who those kids are, but they certainly aren’t mine.  This is pure fiction for me though I have witnessed similar miracles in other people’s children.  I know they exist.  Just like diamonds, those are real too.

I have not shared a lot from my sessions in blogs on this web, sometimes I don’t even share photos from sessions anywhere.  And I share my personal photos with lesser intensity even.  Now if that’s not bad for a photographer than I don’t know what is.  What is my issue you ask? How much time do you have? (Insert nervous laugh here).  Honestly, I don’t know.   I often think the photos aren’t share-worthy even though my families adore them, I don’t often share thinking it is too much sharing and too much looking into people’s lives even though all my families sign a release allowing me to do just that.  Other times I simply think, who cares, right?  BUT I am putting an end to this at this very moment and I am starting with my own family and I intend to share more in future just for the sh*ts and giggles if nothing else.  

I am happy to open up my own life’s stories I love to document so much.  And with appropriate respect, I will also share more of my clients’ former, current and future photographs from their sessions keeping the identity nameless and choosing only images appropriate for sharing to ensure clients’ complete satisfaction with my services.  Never have I ever shared a photograph my client did not want me to share.  And still, you ask who cares? Well SEO cares so there, I’ll do it anyway.  

Well, that was a very long introduction to what was meant to be a super fast blog sharing a few pics from our recent family trip to Mayflower Mill, (or the Shenandoah-Dives Mill) located two miles northeast of Silverton, Colorado.  Or as our kids called it, ‘the Gold Mines, where you get gold’.  But remember I was mentioning the perfection my children are? Yeah, don’t take their word for it.


This was once an operational gold mill and you can see how gold and silver were processed in this ‘gold mine’ of Silverton’s Mayflower Mill.
The views from the inside.
This would be an epic, slightly dangerous, bar location.
Darkness, darkness with occasional flooding of light.
Do not touch balls. Dammit Derek. Danger.
One of the views you can enjoy from the mill.  The view of the travel route of the heavy metal carts that would bring the material from the other side.
And this was the look on my kids’ faces when they were standing in front of it, an apparent wonder and sheer fear.
Shock and awe
I actually took a picture of this so I can hang it in my kitchen.  And it’s not for my madly loud kitchen practices.
So much to explore in there!
And a pleasant bonus at the end: REAL treasure finds including less real GOLDEN and SILVER bits and totally legit minerals my kids just drooled over and would actually pick over a solid gold bar if they could.
Talking in all the excitement and probably checking pocket content for new treasures.
And maybe I should turn this into a 1000 piece puzzle that I could call Too late for a bathroom run.  If you look closely.  Is it a no-no to show butts on blogs? Well, my blog, my kid, I think I can handle the consequences of such.
This trip seems perfect for someone who loves ghost towns, is maybe heading for one, but then just a couple of miles up the road chickens out on the way to Animas Fork because she (or he, it could totally be a HE) can only see death on that very rocky very narrow road with the family’s not that extreme road-worthy car.  Then that someone can just turn around, deny defeat and announce a very exciting plan B.  The vision of GOLD for a non-sharing kind of child is, well, gold.  Failproof.  Plus everybody comes home alive and nobody falls off the cliff or punctures a tire. I point no fingers but all I can say is that my family possibly owes me their lives.  Not exaggerating.  Scary.
An old guy near the Mill’s entrance way.
Old man at the Mill
This was a very happy trip on all fronts around Silverton, Colorado as we would not have gone to this cool place if we didn’t find ourselves with the extra time you know, with the extra lives we gained, from the hero family member that saved us, note, not a chicken, hero.  Yes, that’s what we are calling her now (or him, like I said, no stereotyping here). Not to mention a very fun guide who guided us on some of the self-guided tour (yes!) and the extremely well-priced gift shop full of rocks, minerals, crystals, literally a little heaven for a geologist in the making our 7-year-old proclaims to be.  Thank you Mayflower Mill’s kind and fun Mill-keeper, you’ve made our day.  You and our heroine. Or the hero.  Of course.

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