Meet Svatka

I have always been quite obsessive with documenting life.  From saving packaging from my favorite things, journal writing, whining for my first film camera since as long as I can remember and then using it excessively  to photograph my toys, pets, friends and later family.  Always finding it hard to let go I have felt an immense need to safeguard memories, too aware of the fact that the real things and moments will otherwise be lost.

Not much has changed since my childhood.  Even though I no longer develop photographs in the dark room with my Dad, who was a keen photographer and junk collecting enabler, but I do document  e v e r y t h i n g with no lesser intensity.  Aware of the time fleeting by so fast and memories fading with the overload of information we all take in these days I am simply petrified of forgetting the simple things in life and how much they matter.

It makes me happy to have such profound technology in hand these days to freeze those precious moments in time.  Moments that would otherwise be lost and forgotten, moments my kids can look back on and see what the life was like back then, from our fridge content to their dirty faces and untidy bedrooms.

Taking photos of my own life hardly seemed enough and I have always enjoyed sharing captured moments with friends and family and hardly anything warms my heart more than my frozen fractions of time being favorited and loved by the people present in the photograph.

I promised myself this “about me” would be about two sentences as I’m aware how readers just want to skip to the chase but I just can’t help it, I can’t, can’t stop.  This is me holding back. And as with taking photos I simply cannot stop and I won’t as long as I will be able.  So go ahead, feed the fire – invite me over and let’s make your family’s history more picturesque!