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The title may not be what it seems but if you continue reading after realizing that this blog is not about the cute imagery of well-behaved siblings portraying a good nature of sharing a snack, maybe a seat or who knows, let’s go crazy here, an ice-cream. Well, I don’t know who those kids are,…

11 Tips To Take Better Photos of Your Kids

Let’s face it. We all have a smart phone full of pictures of our kids. Its likely we’ll never do anything with those but at least we try! And once in a while we might even take out a real camera and try to take a few family photos on our trip or maybe just…

Day In The Life Session – Uniquely You

What is typical about a Day In The Life (DITL) Photo session? I can tell you precisely as the typical DITL has nothing to do with any other DITL so there’s nothing typical about it.  Every DITL is as different as one family differs from another, as unique and unpredictable as life can be on…

5 Reasons Why Documentary Photography Matters

Let’s keep this simple and to the point. Documentary photography matters. And here’s 5 reasons why: The images communicate a story Storytelling is as old as time, with the power of image capture we have the ability to savor the story line forever. What offers more storytelling than everyday life?  I couldn’t agree more with…

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